Smart & Secure Warehousing Solutions

It’s time to level-up your business efficiency and flexibility by outsourcing warehouse logistics services. Our vision is setting the standard for integrated solutions to store your products efficiently, reliably and responsibly. We provide smart warehousing & storage solutions that help you to store, manage & deliver efficiently & effectively at an affordable price.

Save Money and Space

When you choose to outsource with CTM, it will enable your company to save on capital costs spent on acquiring storage equipment and space. Designed to accommodate a wide range of goods, our customized global warehousing systems help your business operate more efficiently in the most cost efficient manner. At CTM’s warehousing and storage facilities the security of your goods is our top priority.


We also offer a complete range of warehousing services related to order handling such as-


  • Use-by date

  • Batch and serial number management

  • Packing & Packaging

  • Shipment Return logistics and

  • Personalized add-on services

Assured Speed, Flexibility & Quality Control

As a full-service logistics partner, we understand the importance of flexible, fast and quality warehousing solutions. Our team of global warehousing partners demonstrate the flexibility to adapt to your specific warehousing needs. Our safe-handling practices will ensure your product is secure and accessible for quick delivery.


Take Full Control of your goods!


Our innovative IT systems help your team take full management control of your shipment. With us you can-


  • Control end-to-end Supply Chain by eliminating manufacturer’s dependency
  • Control Just-in-time inventory
  • Save time & money by cross-checking your product & its quality to avoid mistakes before shipping
  • Order prompt product shipping at a moment’s notice


So what are you waiting for?

Connect now with CTM and kickstart your import journey of Tech and Electronic products from China. Stay ahead of your competition with the latest news, best prices, current trends & hot selling products!