CTM’s Special Routinely In-Depth Quality Check

China Tech Market is know for our routinely in-depth quality check and screening of each & every products. We make sure to maintain high standards of quality checking of products under the supervision of experienced industry experts & professionals.

Why Choose us?

China is considered as the world’s largest manufacturing nation. As a matter of fact, if you are a manufacturer, trader or an importer; there is a high chance that you might source products or raw material goods from China.

China tech market offers bunch of quality check & inspection services that covers all your product & market needs while mainaitaing your quality standards. Quality control (QC) and inspection is extremely crucial for you to ensure that your goods meet your required specifications and comply with certain quality standards that you set & also a necessary process to avoid defective goods

40+ years of Experience


Global Coverage

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CTM’s personalized Quality Check services cover all stages of the production line like-

(PPI) Pre-production Inspections

(DPI/DUPRO) During Production Inspections

(FRI/PSI) Final Random Inspection or Pre-shipment Inspections

(SC) Sample Checking

(LS) Container loading & unloading supervision

Chemical & Reach Testing, RoHS & CPSIA Testing, ISTA Packaging
All Segment In-Depth Auditing & Quality Control Consulting
In collaboration with Logistics 9

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