CTM’s Other Strengths!

Besides being a specialist provider of audio gadgets, China Techmarket is also known for other consumer electronic products. We also offer trending, innovative products in the below series of segments.

Home Entertainment Systems

Give your TV the complete Audio-Visual Experience


See, listen and feel your favorite TV entertainment in a whole new light with  250+ options in our home entertainment segment. Our Home Theater Systems are sourced directly from factories that match the latest trends, demand & innovation requirements.


We offer customization options as per your needs. Our dedicated tech & marketing team helps our clients in each step of production, management & marketing.

Lighting Systems


We offer stunning varieties in the lighting segment including but not limited to:


  • LED lamps
  • LED Strip lights
  •  Desktop LED Ring Light
  •  on camera video lights
  •  High Power/Dimmable/Waterproof/Diving underwater LED Lights
  •  Webcam lights 


Our tech team always strives to offer premium products that are durable, high-tech & simple to use at competitive pricing.

China Tech Market focuses on representing products of superior quality and affordable prices with latest innovation and technology.

Product categories are not limited, in fact it also includes LED lamps, LED Strip lights, etc but also involves Desktop LED Ring Light, on camera video lights, High Power Dimmable Waterproof Diving underwater LED Lights, Webcam lights and much more.

Our tech team always strive to offer premium products that are durable, high-tech & simple to use at competiitve pricing.


So why are we strong, you ask?

It’s because we offer the latest and most innovative technology, along with unbeatable service – all at an affordable price!

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So what are you waiting for?

Connect now with CTM and kickstart your import journey of Tech and Electronic products from China. Stay ahead of your competition with the latest news, best prices, current trends & hot selling products!