Quality is King!

With experienced Research & Development, Quality Control, and Marketing departments, we have always been focused on our product quality. We strive to improve our products in both technical and business aspects. We have tested, verified, and optimized our sources and product lines, so items are available to you at the lowest prices. China Techmarket offers the best deals online on electronics. We can assure you that all products on this website are 100% genuine, authentic, quality approved, and sourced directly from factories in China.

We make sure you get what’s best – fast!

We understand that nowadays consumers are not only concerned with the product quality but also with the services that accompany it.

That’s why, we have put in place a team of dedicated experts to ensure that your experience of procurement, importing and all related support services is smooth and hassle-free. We have designed a simple website that even first-time users will find easy to navigate.

For any concerns or queries you can also get in touch with our relationship manager and start your sourcing process faster than you can say “China Techmarket.”

We monitor the quality at every step

The most important step while sourcing from China is to make sure that your supplier can actually achieve your desired level of quality in the first place.


We always recommend requesting an actual production sample from your prospective supplier for a few reasons:


  • You have to know exactly what you’re getting into – Do you understand how the factory makes its product and more importantly, how efficient it is? Are there quality control measures in place? Do they use the right materials?


  • You should ensure that the supplier would be able to deliver as per specifications  – Their operations need to be organized and their quality system should ensure the products are up to standard. 

China Techmarket does all this quality monitoring process for you and informs you about it every step of the way if necessary.

We handpick everything we sell

One of the biggest challenges faced by China importers is product quality, as consumers are often doubtful about the quality of goods coming out of China. But at CTM, we sell only the best electronic products at factory prices. We do this by making sure that we source items from only those factories which adhere to the highest standard of professionalism and quality. 


Over the last decade we’ve become aware of the fact that Yiwu, China has turned into the largest wholesale hub across the globe; and this is where we tend to focus a lot of our efforts. Our team evaluates all Yiwu factories for their manufacturing capabilities so that we can match our customers with products that meet their expectations. Their unbelievably nominal prices make the products affordable in nature. Still, we only handpick the best products from the top manufacturers.

We test & verify all products before shipping them out

Since quality is of the utmost importance to us here at China TechMarket, we ensure that all products are rigorously tested and thoroughly inspected before they are shipped out.


We employ rigorous testing procedures to ensure quality, endurance, and durability for each of our products. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our goal is to give you the best items on the market at affordable prices so that you can continue growing your business! Our company is built on a foundation of trust. We’re committed to building that trust by offering assurance, professionalism, and reliability so you can be confident in doing business with us.

So what are you waiting for?

Connect now with CTM and kickstart your import journey of Tech and Electronic products from China. Stay ahead of your competition with the latest news, best prices, current trends & hot selling products!