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China Tech Market helps to find, compare & choose the best sourcing materials for your product. Our dedicated team helps you design products that matched your standard

OEM (Original Equipement Manufacturer)

(Original Equipement Manufacturer)

We understand that partnering with an OEM vendor includes more than just the production of components. At CTM, we invest in sourcing, designing manufacturing and management services so that no project falls outside of our scope.

We help you to set up the production assembly lines, in order to make sure it can deliver high volume quality products on time and at an affordable cost. Our team will guide you with current market trends via thorough R&D, including product and packaging design, advanced engineering, competitors' research, and market research.

We routinely manufacture products with a thorough product testing including quality check, documentation and packaging. This will help you manufacture & sell high-quality products according to your desired designs & specifications at a cost-efficient price under your brand’s name.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

(Original Design Manufacturer)

We can help you give your products a personalized touch!

China Techmarket provides product development services as well as whole product lifecycle services. We also help you to create new designs and specifications as per your requests. All our holistic ODM services are offered in collaboration with industry experts & professionals. Our strong expertise in the techn & innovation market space will help you upscale your business.

Our ODM customers avoid the direct costs of labor, design and manufacturing involved with complex product development and production process – while still enjoying a high-quality, fully-branded end product.

Product Labelling & Packing

Product packaging & labeling has become a major influence on consumers’ buying behavior, product pricing and its contribution towards added value. CTM’s experienced team of designers, marketers, and consultants are experts in packaging and have a commitment to maximizing your business’s efficiency. With a value analysis, we help you decide on the best materials and packaging designs, so you can optimize the expenses of your operations.

China Techmarket helps you with influencing package designs, package execution (with required packaging raw materials) & produce final package finishes from the factory itself. We know how important & special your product is to you, so we make sure to design & label it to match yours & market’s standards and make it visually stand out..

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It totally depends on the designs which are required, total amount of customization it needs, etc. Sent us your designs and allow our team to analyse in order to provide you right estimated time we might require. 

Send us your product requirements & desired customization over our email ID, allow are team to analyse. Get a free quote immediately.

An OEM product is sold by the manufacturer based on the buyer’s specifications. These are not designed by the manufacturer, but rather made to order. An ODM product is finalized or pre-designed, and is sold under the brand name of the purchasing company. ODM products are complete and finished products, unlike OEM products.

  • Product ideation & design
  • Market research
  • Marketing 
  • Product testing

When you’re looking to launch a new product, it’s important to know the difference between white labelling and private labelling.


In a nutshell: if you offer white label products, you are designing and producing generic products that clients (i.e. retailers) can purchase from you and re-sell under their brand. You control the IP, multiple clients may purchase the same product, and customisation is limited – typically only the branding. You’re basically producing a complete product with a blank label, hence the name.


If you offer private label products, it’s basically the same as white labelling except more exclusive. When you engage in a private label manufacturing contract with a client, you are offering your product to them exclusively for re-selling and you will likely offer a greater degree of customisation.


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