One-stop-solution for Exporting Electronic Products from China.

China Techmarket is a leading technology sourcing agency in China. Our professional procurement team supports customers in finding a range of electronic products as per their requirements and requests.


Besides product sourcing we are also experts at customization, OEM and merchandise consolidation.


Moreover, we strive to provide quality control supervision straight from the factory to last mile container loading; ensuring that every product is delivered with the highest of standards.

Delightful Customer Experience

We maintain a high level of integrity and honesty because we strongly believe that our customers deserve nothing less than 100%.


We create very high standards for ourselves to ensure our brand is above and beyond the industry standards. Our business is customer-focused and our main goal is always to meet and exceed your expectations while maintaining the highest degree of trust and integrity.

Innovative technology

Our innovative audio systems give music listeners the ability to create enhanced music experiences wherever they go. At China Techmarket, we focus on representing audio gadgets of only the latest innovations and premium quality at affordable prices — from true wireless headphones to portable speakers and immersive-sound home theaters, we ensure you always have your favorite tunes playing.

Effortless Communication

Clashing cultures and a lack of communication skills often leads to problems when connecting with factories and suppliers in China. These misunderstandings can cost you time and money.  


At China TechMarket we plan ahead and be as clear as possible beforehand. All your requirements (from product specifications to quality and type of packaging to instruction manuals content) are put in writing — clearly and in a detailed manner. This narrows down the margin of error to a minuscule level. And even if there is an error committed by the factories we are able to mitigate problems with ease and control.

Quality Products, Affordable Prices

China TechMarket offers a diverse range of products essential for techy consumers, while keeping transparency in our pricing structure. We offer the best deals without compromising the quality of our merchandise/services. 


The nominal prices at china markets, such as Yiwu, make our products affordable in nature; Still, we only handpick the best products from only top manufacturers and employ rigorous testing procedures to ensure quality, endurance, and durability for each item.

Prompt & Rapid Customer Service

Our 24 X 7 support systems & teams with their rapid response rates, get back to all your queries in real-time — allowing you to focus on running your business while we take care of all customer service and order management issues. Our relationship manager will work with you on your purchase order and provide all the information you need. We have a team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can get access to your representatives at any time of day or night.


We care about our customers, which is why we always strive to provide them with exceptional service. Right from sourcing products, merchandise order implementation, and contract placement to warehousing, merchandise inspection, transportation, OEM, packaging, customs clearance, and much more, we handle everything efficiently.

So what are you waiting for?

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