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China Tech Market has more tha 40+ years of experience in Audi industry. We are well known in Yiwu markets for our audio electronic cosnumer products gloabally. We always strive to deliver best in class with competitve pricing that suits every businessman’s affordability & maintain quality standards. We belive in growing together. Therefore, we offer holistic services to our clients in order to help and assist them in each step for successful & smooth business journey.

Why YIWU Audio?

Yiwu Market in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China is a one-stop wholesale market destination that extends beyond one’s imagination and expectations.

Yiwu Market, or Yiwu International Trade City, is one of the world’s largest wholesale market. Yiwu Market specialises in small and afforadable daily consumed goods especially electronics.

YIWU Electronic Market is the best place for worldwide electronic buyers. According to latest survery, YIWU exports 70% of electronic products globally. Buyers prefer YIWU market for its wide range of latest innovative products which are in affordable pricing.

Why us?

Enjoy our personalized services which includes-

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Relationship Manager

24 X 7 Support Team

Extensive Network of Partners

Industry Experts Team

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